Bonny baby diapers are made with love by the hands of experts in the diapers industry and with a consultation of well experienced and international doctors around the world.

Wrap your baby in Bonny diapers, our most trusted comfort and protection and the #1 Choice of parents in the diapers market and dive in a deep sleep with your baby.

Available in sizes 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Play and Enjoy with no Sag

Doesn’t Sag Like Ordinary Diapers so your baby can play and enjoy his day freely.

Extra Absorb layers

We’ve added extra absorb layers to make your baby’s skin dry and soft for more than 12 hours.

Flexible Materials

Flexible and gets the shape of your baby’s legs.

Flexible sides

Bonny diapers have flexible sides to assure the diaper does fit his body and will not drop off.

Entertaining Designs

 Lovely designs that your baby will love and will be happy every time he warps into it.

Vitamin B5

Our unique diapers contain Vitamin B5 which nourishes your baby’s skin.

Anti-Inflammation Cream

For these who have sensitive skin, Bonny added a special cream to take care of their skins and assure a soft and dry skin all the day with no inflammation.