Madar Cleaning Family products, The easy solution for tough stain removal and vibrant colors. You don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort, that’s why we are here for you!

Madar Clothes washing powder is the best solution to remove tough stains, and help keep your colorful clothes from getting fade.

*Available for Automatic and Manual clothes washing machines.

Why Madar Clothes Washing Powder?

A Fragrance lasts for 7 days

Make your clothes' smell always have a fresh smell with the fragrances of nature with Madar Clothes Washing Powder.

Clean As New

Get rid of all dirties whatever hard it is because the super power will penetrate the texture and take the dirties out of your clothes.

Color and White

For white and color clothes; Madar Washing clothes Powder will make your clothes whiter and keep your color clothes always look like as new!

Works For All

For Manual and Automatic washing machines.

Handy Price

The best economic clothes washing powder in the market. Save money, Power, and have your clothes well cleaned with Zero dirty spots.